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5 Advantages of Installing a Well on Your Property

Are you getting tired of your local municipal water system? Are you starting to think about installing a well?

Believe it or not, the advantages of a well could make the investment well worth it. You and your family could be enjoying fresh water from your own source in no time. And it could end up saving you quite a bit of cash.

Here are 5 benefits of installing a well on your own property and some other additional information.

1. No Monthly Bills

Once you have your well installed, you won’t need to pay any monthly bills for your water. There will be no monthly water supply bills or hidden charges. 

The only fees you’ll be responsible for are occasional maintenance costs. You’ll need to find a local, reputable company to perform testing and calibrations. This can give you peace of mind that your well water is always clean and up to standard.

2. Kinder to the Environment

Your local municipal water treatment plant uses a lot of heavy-duty machinery, which can use up a lot of energy. 

A private well on your own property is an environmentally-friendly alternative. It will reduce fossil fuel consumption and prevent harmful pollutants from escaping into the air.

3. Healthier

Municipal water can get treated with chlorine and other harsh chemicals. This can be difficult to filter out. While these chemicals aren’t toxic, they probably aren’t the healthiest thing for you and your family.

Make sure you maintain the health of your water by keeping it away from pesticides, fuels, and fertilizers. You should also be sure to install a cap or sanitary seal. Most importantly, you’ll want to install it somewhere away from runoff of dirty water. 

Water from a well is filtered naturally, and is, therefore, a purer alternative.

4. Independence

If something goes wrong with your town or city’s municipal water supply, you and your family will suffer. Whether it’s sewer contamination or usage restrictions, you’ll lose control over the water for your home.

With your own water supply, however, you’ll be in the driver’s seat in terms of your own water usage.

5. Increased Property Value

Properties with their own well often see an increase in their value. The actual amount of increase you can expect will depend upon the age of your well, in addition to its condition.

If your property is a farm, your well can increase your property’s value because of irrigation possibilities

Installing a Well

Installing a well involves a process of drilling, installing the casing, fitting the screens, and grouting. If you don’t have experience with this type of work, you’ll need to find a local well installation company.

Ask your neighbors who have wells for recommendations, or go online and find local companies with good reviews. The cost and time investment can be well worth it.

Well Drilling Costs

Digging a well can cost an average of around $5,950. The actual cost of your well can depend upon a number of factors.

First, the depth of your well will play a role. In fact, many contractors charge by the foot. And that could range anywhere from 30 feet to 380 feet, depending on the water-bearing formations, such as gravel or limestone.

In addition, your water well components will play a role. These could include the types of casing material, pumps, and pipes you choose. 

Higher-quality components could increase the longevity and efficiency of your well.

You’ll also want to think about additional construction costs. These could include permits and licensing. 

Plus, you’ll want to think about the cost of labor and soil conditions. Digging through heavy clay or gravel, for example, could come at a higher price.

Some installation companies have financing programs that work with your budget. You can pay your well off a little each month, making it a more comfortable payment.

Many families, however, find that drilling a well on their property is well worth the investment. Their increased property value, healthy water, and independence mean that they make their money back in no time.

Well Maintenance

It’s also important to hire a local team of experts who can help you maintain your well. You’ll need regular check-ups to make sure your well is working properly.

If you notice sand or reduced water flow from your well, a local company can help you improve your water quality in no time. They can also help you to remove safety hazards and help with site restoration. 

When you’re looking for the right company to help with your well water needs, you’ll want to find a company with a good reputation. Local companies will have the best knowledge of the laws and regulations in your area. They’ll also have insight as to what common problems are with local private wells. 

Make sure you ask questions when you call up local companies.

How many wells have they installed in your area? What are some issues they commonly fix? Can they give you the names of some references you can speak to about their services?

The right well installation and servicing company for you will have a friendly, knowledgeable team. They’ll be able to answer all of your questions and give you a reasonable estimate. Most of all, they’ll give you confidence that the services you’ll be receiving are well worth your investment.

Fresh and Clean

Installing a well is an important decision that could provide untold benefits for your lifestyle and property. Once you’ve decided that a private well is right for you, you can expect fresh water at a low cost whenever you need it. 

Don’t stop getting smart about installing a well now. For quality well installation and maintenance services in your area, contact us today. 

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