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7 Signs Your Home Can Benefit From a Well Pump in Indianapolis

On average, a home uses almost 140 gallons of water each day. Water is an essential part of many of our daily routines from washing the dishes to taking a shower. Many things are severely disrupted when you don’t have the water you need. Many homes aren’t plumbed to utilize the public system and need another option to get water into their home. A well is a great option that allows you to dig down deep and tap into the natural reservoir to get a full water supply. Getting a well pump in place can be a major project, so you want to be sure of your choice. 

Check out this guide for signs that your home would benefit from a well pump in Indianapolis! 

1. Low Pressure 

The pressure of your water plays an important role in how well your plumbing system works. Without enough pressure your dishes won’t get as clean, sinks may take a while to turn on, and showers will be frustrating. A residential well pump can help solve that problem for you. 

This is especially true when you choose to install a constant pressure system for your well. By using this technology, you’ll be eliminating the ups and downs that can come with a typical system and keeping your pressure the same at all times. 

Adding your own well allows you to choose the machinery and systems in place depending on what you value most. 

2. Inconsistent Access

Most households depend heavily on their water supply and any disruption can cause serious issues with daily routines. And for the most part, there’s no issue getting water when you need it. 

But the truth is when you’re working with a public supply your system is affected by all the other surrounding systems. 

A major plumbing issue within the main water lines can affect several areas at the same time, limiting your access. These aren’t issues you have to worry about when you install a well pump for your home. There is much more control with this setup than hoping your neighbors are taking care of their plumbing.  

3. Too High Bill 

Every homeowner wants their monthly utility bills to be as low as possible. No one likes to spend more money than they have to on basic necessities like water. When you notice that your bill is creeping up without any obvious reason, like adding a pool or other major water features, it might be time to consider a well pump. 

When you provide your own water supply, you can completely eliminate your water bill from the city or county altogether.

It’s an investment upfront that can save you a lot of money over the long run and be a huge benefit for your property. 

4. Dirty Water

One of the great things about having a well pump to deliver all of the water to your home is that you know exactly where it’s coming from. This isn’t the case for a public water system, which can sometimes mean you’re not getting the quality of water you’d prefer. 

As you are the one maintaining your well, you have more control over the water that’s flowing through your home. You can test it more regularly and make adjustments as needed so it always meets your standards. 

Often, this water is much fresher as well since it doesn’t have to travel as far. This means there are far fewer opportunities for impurities to get into the supply.  

5. Poor Tasting 

Water from a city supply always goes through a treatment facility to ensure that it’s safe to drink and use in your home. 

Obviously, this is an important step for making sure everyone can use the water they need without worry. But it can often leave your tap water with a poor taste from the chemicals added for cleaning. This taste is different depending on the specific practices of your water treatment facility but still noticeable just the same. 

Well water doesn’t go through the same process since it’s a much smaller quantity and is tested regularly. This means it won’t have the added chemical taste no one enjoys. 

6. Concerned for the Environment 

For those who have an interest in environmental issues, considering a well pump for your property is a great way to protect an important natural resource. Public water systems put a strain on the environment by extracting large amounts of water at the same time. 

The chemicals used to treat this type of water can also seep out into the air or ground both at the facility and where the water is being used. Using a well means you don’t have to worry about adding stress to the environment. 

7. Specialty Needs 

When you live in an area where you can have access to a well instead of solely relying on the public supply, you have the opportunity to completely customize your water experience. 

This is especially important if you have a property that you want to grow crops on. Even the smallest garden can have an effect on how much water you need. When you have a well you can factor in all of those elements to be sure you have a system that meets all of your needs and more. 

A professional team can help you determine which type of system is best for your situation and get it up and running for you! 

Add a Well Pump to Your Indianapolis Home

Making the decision to add a well pump can completely change the function of your home. This simple system can eliminate a lot of the plumbing problems homeowners often face. 

The key is making sure your system is properly installed and then maintained. Working with a professional team with a lot of knowledge and experience will ensure that you get the results you’re looking for. Then you can use your system for decades to come.

Our team has just that kind of expertise you need to get the job done. Contact us today to see what we can do for you! 

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