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Water Well Maintenance Program

Gain peace of mind knowing that your drinking water is safe and that your well is in good working order.

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Your water well is one of the most essential parts of your home, supplying drinking water for your family as well as water for all of your other household uses. 

Water Well Maintenance Program

Regular maintenance for your well and pump system​
$ 499
  • A Total Value of $949. This is a savings of over $400 annually.
  • Well chlorination: ($399 Value): Eliminates bacteria and disease-causing organisms.
  • Pump voltage testing: ($125 Value) Early detection of pump stress or low water supply.
  • Pressure tank inspection: ($125 Value) Increase well and pump longevity by having an inspection of tank leaks and the condition of the fittings.
  • Capacity and cycling diagnostics: ($125 Value) Early detection of issues in water levels and status of water production of the well.
  • Water quality testing: ($175 Value) This testing can detect dangerous levels of bacteria, chloroform, or other harmful contaminants.
Great Value

Practicing regular well maintenance reduces risks to your family’s water supply, helps reduce or prevent costly and inconvenient breakdowns and extends the life of your well.

After you join, we’ll call you to set up your well maintenance schedule.

Join both of the Well/Pump & Septic maintenance programs, and we will give you $25 off today!