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The Importance of Water Well Maintenance

There are nearly 16 million water wells in the U.S. They provide millions of homes with fresh water every day. Having a well provides homeowners independence from utility companies and can be a very cost-effective source of clean water.

Something so important needs an adequate level of care, however. It’s important to have regular water well maintenance to keep your well in the best condition it can possibly be. 

Here are a few benefits of regular water well maintenance. 

Cleaner Water 

The prominent place to start is that regular maintenance will give you the best quality water available. 

Private wells can become contaminated by potentially harmful microorganisms. These include E. coli, which causes food poisoning and sometimes more severe symptoms in humans. Other bacteria, viruses, and sometimes even parasites can find their way into your well water. 

These microorganisms can get into your water in many different ways. Run-off from rainfall or melting snow can wash these harmful organisms into your well. Leakage from septic tanks or sewage pipes could also contaminate the water. 

You may be able to notice this contamination in the smell or taste of the water. If you notice something is off with your well water, it’s best to stop drinking it and get the problem checked. 

So how does regular maintenance help combat these contaminations?

When you enlist the help of well water maintenance companies, they will perform an annual inspection on your well. This includes testing the purity of the water to determine the levels of contaminants within it. 

If the microorganisms are found, it’s best to let the same company handle the disinfecting of the well, as it’s a process best performed by qualified experts. They will use chlorine-based compounds to kill the microorganisms in the water. 

Maintenance = Prevention

“A stitch in time saves nine,” as they say. Water well maintenance is as much about the long term as it is about the short term.  

The average life expectancy for wells in the U.S. has nearly doubled from 25 to 50 years. The most cost-effective thing you can do as a well owner is to stop problems before they even begin to arise. 

Drilling new wells can be an expensive business, and there’s just no sense or value in working your well until it no longer functions. 

Well maintenance companies will look for the first signs of any problems in your system. This will include regular water testing to avoid contamination issues before they get out of hand and a video inspection of the well to make sure that everything looks structurally sound. 

These companies will also carry out regular cleaning of the well system. This prevents clogging and ensures your well is running at or near its full potential. 

Good for the Environment

Keeping your water well maintained will be doing a lot of good for your local environment. 

The relationship works two ways. The first is that your well water can become polluted from outside sources. Chemicals and other pollutants found in things like fertilizer can find their way into your well from water run-off. On the flip side, if your well water is contaminated, it can cause pollution if it leaks or runs off into other local water sources. 

You should try and schedule regular water purity tests that try to identify any of these pollutants. You’ll not only be keeping the occupants of your home safe, but you’ll also be keeping your local area out of harm’s way. 

Annual Water Well Maintenance 

It’s important to know when you need to take action on certain things with your well. 

Step one is to make sure and have your inspection annually. These inspections are a comprehensive evaluation of your whole system and the best chance to catch problems early. 

The expert carrying out your inspection will do the following:

Conduct a Flow Test 

These tests assess your well’s output and tell you how specific components are working. These components include the pump motor and the pressure tank. 

Test Your Water for Contaminants 

These tests will look for nitrates, chemicals, pollutants, coliform bacteria (like E.coli), and any other contaminant that may be in your water. This will give you an insight into the purity of your water and if anything needs to be done about it. 

Inspect Well Equipment  

This ensures that every component of your well system is sanitary and compares well against local codes. Good working components will mean good water pressure. 

Report Back to You 

The person who carried out your inspection will be able to give you an easy-to-understand breakdown of your entire well system. This will include any problems you have and recommendations on how to fix those problems. 

Signs You Need Maintenance

Of course, in between your annual inspections, you still need to be vigilant of any problems that may arise. And you need to know when to get them checked.

Cloudy water 

If your well water looks cloudy and dirty, it’s a sign that there is suspended matter in the system. The water will look dirty, and you should avoid drinking it. You’ll want to get your system cleaned. 

Water That Tastes or Smells Funny 

This could indicate coliform bacteria or several other contaminants. When you notice the taste or odor of your water go strange, have the water treated by a maintenance company. 

If Harmful Bacteria Are Detected 

This one seems obvious. Still, it is vital to ensure that you contact an expert straight away if your well water tests positive for coliform or other harmful bacteria. Your water will need treating right away.

When the Pressure Drops

This could signify that there is a fault somewhere in your system. It’s best to contact someone who can fix this for you to get your well fully operational again.

Keep Your Water Well in Top Condition

This guide is a good resource for beginning to understand water well maintenance, but what you really need is a team of dedicated experts. 

If you need your water well maintained or repaired, contact us today to see how we can help you. Your well will be in safe hands with us.

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