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What to Know About Residential Well Drilling in Indianapolis

Maybe you’re looking to build a home in a rural area. Perhaps you’re not satisfied with the water you get from the municipal supply. Whatever the case, you’re hoping to create a well for water on your property. 

That’s why you’re reading this blog post: you need more info on well water and what water wells entail. Fortunately, we can provide you with that information. Without further ado, here’s what you need to know about residential well drilling in Indianapolis

Do Residential Wells Sometimes Run Dry?

While residential wells can sometimes run dry, they generally don’t. This is particularly true in areas where precipitation is plenty. Indianapolis certainly meets this criterion. 

In most cases, when water isn’t coming out of a well, it’s due to a problem with the well pump. Fortunately, emergency well pump repair is available and will get your pump up and running again in no time. 

So, in short, in the Indianapolis area, this isn’t something that should affect your choice of whether or not to dig a well. It’s a consistent and reliable option around Indianapolis and in the Hoosier State in general. 

How Long Does It Take to Drill a Water Well?

Considering how deep water wells are, you might think that they take a long time to drill. However, in truth, a typical water well can be drilled in approximately 3 to 4 hours. 

Hooking a pump and other equipment up to the well will likely add another hour or two. Once that equipment is hooked up, though, the well will be good to go. 

How Is the Location of the Water Well Determined?

Next, you might be wondering how we determine the location of the water well. This depends on a variety of factors. 

First off, we must ensure that the chosen area sees a lot of groundwater. If it doesn’t it will likely run dry at some point or another. 

In addition, we must make sure that the well isn’t in an area that can be contaminated. If it’s too close to an agricultural field, for instance, it could continually become inundated with manure or even dangerous chemicals. 

The last factor we use to determine the location of your well is the preference of the customer. You might decide that you want the well to be in a specific area of your yard. As long as your desired spot provides safety and consistency, we’ll drill there. 

How Deep Are Residential Wells?

The depth of residential water wells varies based on a number of factors, the most prominent of which is water volume needs. The typical household can get by with a 50 to 100-foot-deep well. Large estates can require up to 350 feet of depth. 

In summation, your well will possess a depth of between 50 and 350 feet. This will not only ensure that you get enough water on a regular basis but that your water is safe from contaminants also. 

Do You Need to Treat Well Water?

Now, you might be wondering about your responsibilities as they pertain to using well water. Namely, do you need to treat well water? 

You don’t necessarily have to but you’re strongly advised to. In particular, you should chlorinate your well. This will kill any dangerous bacteria that exist within it, ensuring that its water is safe for consumption. 

It is possible to chlorinate one’s well by one’s self. That said, we advise using the services of a professional well-drilling company. 

Chlorinating your well on your own is risky. If you make a mistake in flushing it, you could end up poisoning yourself. And if you uncap your well improperly, you could introduce new contaminants to it, leading to other forms of toxicity. 

It’s better to put the task in the hands of a trained professional. They’ll ensure that your well is chlorinated in a safe and effective manner. 

What Is the Well Drilling Cost?

Obviously, it costs money to drill a well. But how much does it cost? In most cases, it costs somewhere between $8,500 up to the north of $15,000.

At Blair & Norris, we start at a baseline of 85 feet for a 5″ well costing $8,500.  From that point depending on the complexity of the well and its depth, we charge $32 per foot depending on the circumstances.

For a more specific cost visit us at https://blairnorris.com/contact/! 

Can You Drill in the Midst of a Home Construction?

Generally speaking, wells are drilled on properties that have houses built on them. This begs the question: can you drill in the midst of home construction? 

The answer is yes. That said, it’s best to wait until the frame of the house has been erected. That way, the well drilling company won’t step on the construction company’s toes. 

You could also have the well drilled before the construction begins. Note, though, that if you’re going to do this, you should make sure that the location of the well doesn’t interfere with the building of the house in any way. 

Does Well Depth Affect Water Quality?

Well depth in and of itself doesn’t affect water quality. That said, the deeper the well is, the less likely it is for water within that well to have contaminants in it. This is because ground contaminants typically don’t make it down past 50 feet of depth or so. 

Again, 100 feet of depth suffices in most cases. But if you dig a well of, say, 500 feet, it’s highly unlikely that it would ever become contaminated. 

Need Residential Well Drilling in Indianapolis?

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We’ve drilled wells on a bevy of Indianapolis area properties. Not only will we create a high-quality and reliable water well for you but install a well pump in it also. 

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